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CBCJobs - Fully Integrated Applicant Tracking system - Job Management - Applicant/Candidate Management Software

About Us

The CBCJobs network is one of the largest job board networks in the United States. It is used by over 50,000 people daily. We have over a million registered users and over 15,000 employers. We are the world's first social network based on top of job search. Connect with potential employers like never before, through seamlessly integrated interface, and land the job of your dreams!

Our software allows you to:
  • Post and manage jobs
  • Manage applicants, build a talent database
  • Use our extensive resume database search to find talent
  • Create a Careers Page for your company
  • Easily manage your recruiting and on-boarding
Our network consists of:

Who are our Investors

We have raised over $1.4 million in funding via a Seed round in 2008 and a Series A round in August 2013. Our investors include 17Palms Investment Group, as well as private individuals in United States and Europe.


CBCJobs is a pay-per-click job search engine that was launched in January 2008. It's based on the traditional job search concept, in which employers login to post jobs through the site itself, and job seekers apply to them. Jobs can be searched by keywords or location. Two of its main design features are simplicity and robustness. The site adopts an approach in which graphics and advertising are kept lite, ensuring the content is loaded quickly into the browser. CBCJobs is currently only available in US. The site is rapidly gaining popularity, passing the 1,000,000 user mark in March 2011.


CBCJobs was created in 2005. The idea for CBCJobs was conceived in November 2007. Like everyone else, our founder has experienced firsthand the frustrations of looking for a job online. At the time, most websites featured a long and tedious apply process. These sites were not user friendly, and especially not job seeker friendly. On a cold California December night, he was filling out a job application. Not only did it take nearly 25 minutes, the site crashed at the end, erasing the application. In frustration, the idea for CBCJobs was born. What if you could create a job site that was actually friendly to job seekers and allowed a quick application process? He realized that there were not that many worthy competitors in this field, and that he could actually create a product that would help people find jobs. He tried several domains names, all were taken, CBCJobs was the best domain name that was still open, so he registered it. He coded the main engine of the website in about six months all by himself. CBCJobs coined the phrase "Apply to Jobs with One Click" (TM) and was one of the first sites to implement a quick apply process.

The traffic was low at first. It grew, but slowly, over the next 2 years. Here's the original press release about the site's launch. In 2008, OC Metro Business magazine featured an article on CBCJobs. The site had a huge jump in the summer of 2010, when word of mouth finally spread about it, and more people started using it.


  • Search for thousands of jobs all across United States
  • Create a profile, upload your resume and apply with one click
  • Make personal connections with recruiters and hiring managers!
  • Make friends with other people in your area, or with similar interests


One of the primary goals of CBCJobs is to make the site job-seeker friendly and to reduce the time it takes job seekers to apply for jobs. We are one of those rare companies that actually care about the job seeker as well as the employer. We understand the frustration people go through when searching for employment, and want to make the job search process as painless as possible. Therefore, everything at CBCJobs is done with the job seeker in mind.