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Contact: Mark Goldberg
Sebron Company
Fullerton, CA 92835
Tel. 714-326-9877
info (at) cbcjobs.com

Sebron launches CBCJOBS.COM – a jobsite with superior functionality and ease of use.

FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA April 10, 2008 – CBCJobs.com, a jobsite with superior functionality and ease of use, has been launched, after several months of development and beta-testing. CBCJobs.com combines a very easy to use interface with powerful functionality to produce a superior employment website that is easy to use for both job seekers and employers.

The company behind CBCJobs.com is Sebron, a long-time developer of Internet websites, among which are ScanVerify.com, BuyVerify.com and IPFindLocation.com. Sebron has been developing Internet applications since 2004. It is privately funded and headquartered in Fullerton, California.
CBCJobs.com represents a significant improvement in functionality and flexibility over its competitors. It introduces the ability to use a single account for both looking for and posting jobs. It’s interface is extremely simple to use and registration is quick and easy. Users are able to switch between employer and job seeker accounts easily.

For job seekers, the job hunting process is greatly simplified. Once a job seeker has found a employment opportunity they like, they click on “APPLY”. Registration takes only a few seconds, the user is only required to enter their email and password. After the user confirms their email, the system asks them to fill out a short profile with their name, address, phone and an optional resume. This process is much easier and quicker than on other job websites. Once a job seeker has applied for a job, their application is saved and is available to view later.

Employers will also find it very easy to navigate around the website. CBCJobs.com gives employers the ability to list jobs under multiple distinct companies – no more need to create different accounts for each company. Employers can create and modify jobs before actually paying for them. This lets employers create and preview the job to make sure they are satisfied with it, and then activate it at a later time. A job can also be deactivated at any moment if a candidate has been hired. CBCJobs.com uses a credit system for payment, which also makes it very easy to purchase jobs and create discounts for posting multiple jobs.
Contact: Mark Goldberg, Sebron Co. (714) 326.9877 [email protected]

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